Fight COVID-19 with AIdea together, Let’s find out the key factor of virus-spreading!

COVID-19 (Severe Pneumonia with Novel Pathogens) is raging all around the world, there are over 200 nations and area, 700 thousand cases confirmed, and that leads to more than 30 thousand deaths [1].

The confirmed cases in Taiwan increased continuously, and there are more than 300 cases confirmed so far, which ranks 67 globally [2]. How to forecast the number of daily confirmed cases precisely and find out the key factors of virus spreading by adopting open data and designing algorithms in order to help medical institutions and governments to control and inhibit virus infection, will be a great challenge for AI scientists.

This section will hold a weekly contest every week. Participants are invited to forecast the number of newly confirmed COVID-19 cases of each day for the next week, the champion in every weekly contest can receive hicloud points provided by Chunghwa Telecom. We will also calculate the sum of points which are converted from the rankings of each week and provide a 60,000 bonus in total for the top three competitors. Alright warriors! What are you waiting for? Come and join us, let’s fight the virus together!

*This issue is only for Aldea academic research, and irrelevant to government’s precaution policies.

Reference Data

Competetion Process

  • The result is calculated in two ways, by weekly ranking and by total points. Points will be determined by the weekly ranking, please check out Points Calculation for more details.
  • During the weekly contest, the score on the Public Leaderboard is the result of historical data evaluation. This score is only for participant’s reference, the final score will be based on the Private Leaderboard.
  • After a weekly contest ends, Private Leaderboard will be updated occasionally.
  • Only if the evaluation score (weighted RMSE) of the first place of weekly contest is less than 8, all the participants of the week can get their prizes and points.
  • Data Science and Theory Application are highly valued, the top three of the points race ranking will be asked to go through a method validation.
  • We offer bonuses to the top three winners of the points race after a written report is submitted, please check out Cash Reward for more details.
  • Those written report will be shared to the public after the contest ends.
  • Other regulations are listed in the “rules” area in each topic.
    Points Calculation:
  • Only the ones who have take part in at least three times of the weekly contest are qualified for entering the ranking of the total points.
  • Every ranking of the weekly contest can be convert into points, the sum of the points from the best three weekly rankings will be the final score of the points race.
  • If two (or more) participants got the same final score on the points race, the determination of the final ranking will be based on the fourth highest weekly ranking; if the scores remain the same, then the fifth highest weekly ranking, the sixth highest weekly ranking...etc., will be compared, if all the rankings are the same, the one who has less uploads can have the higher final ranking.

  • Weekly Ranking 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
    Points Ganined 25 18 15 12 10 8 6 4 2 1
    Weekly Ranking Points Ganined
    1st 25
    2nd 18
    3rd 15
    4th 12
    5th 10
    6th 8
    7th 6
    8th 4
    9th 2
    10th 1

    Cash Reward

    *Total cash reward of this project is NT$60,000, and will be awarded to the top three in the ranking order of the total points earned.

    First place: NT$30000 (VAT inclusive)
    Second place: NT$20000 (VAT inclusive)
    Third place: NT$10000 (VAT inclusive)


    名次 帳號 積分
    abcda 90 36
    b908106043 35
    第四名 e0101010 31
    第五名 b313104045 31
    第六名 b614105019 27
    第七名 A610050A 27
    第八名 nbsword 26
    第九名 kenchan13 25
    第十名 PearsonLiou 20

    前三名參賽者之書面報告總結分享: COVID-19總結報告.pdf