As President Tsai’s inaugural address on May 20, 2016 indicated that “The new administration will pursue a new economic model for sustainable development based on the core values of innovation, employment and equitable distribution”, the government will promote the innovation economy on the basis of the 5+2 industrial transformation such as Asia Silicon Valley Development Plan (ASVDP), Biotech and Pharmaceutical, jointly develop Taiwan’s new economy development model, and implement digital transformation of national development.


In order to connect with advanced technology R&D capabilities globally for the development of next generation industries, National Development Council (NDC), Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), and other ministries jointly promote the ”Asia Silicon Valley Development Plan (ASVDP)” to build a R&D oriented innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. This plan was approved at the No.3514 Cabinet Meeting by Executive Yuan on Sep 8th, 2016, and was composed of two core elements — “Promoting IoT Innovation and R&D”and “Optimizing Startup & Entrepreneurship Ecosystem”—, linking with global, local and future, and promoted with four major strategies.

Asia Silicon ValleyXAldea

With a hope to help organizations leverage advanced technologies and adopt AI techniques, Asia Silicon Valley and AIdea Artificial Intelligence Collaboration Platform join forces to hold open innovation contest to assist companies to optimize their capacities and maximize production value. Through ““challenges provided by industry, solved with AI designed by crowd” model, industries, startups and AIdea platform can co-create to make companies access creative ideas externally.

All companies are highly welcomed to join this activity. To assist companies to create their exclusive topics, free technical assistance for each industry and feasibility analysis services for AI applications will be provided. Through open innovation, AIdea connects companies to the crowd, academia, and industry experts to co-create the best solution, boost technology development and achieve industry upgrading.

Project link:https://www.asvda.org/chi/index.aspx