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如同網際網路進入社會各個環節的強大影響力,如今,人工智慧也已經掀起另一波革命。對國家的教育政策而言,培養足夠數量研發人工智慧技術的人才,使國民具備與人工智慧 共同協作之能力,進而提升整體社會的競爭力,為重中之重的任務。
本計畫之重心為「標註暨競賽」,著重在目標明確的題目,藉由競賽精確的題目,訓練學生解決明確目標的問題。我們希望能透過競賽,培養學生解決AI問題的經驗與能力,並導 入人工智慧技術與觀念至教育體系。期望將來在投入實習場域進行實戰時,能學以致用。



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Teaching Computer to Watch Badminton Matches - Taiwan's first competition combining AI and sports

According to global statistics, there are approximately 2.2 billion badminton players worldwide and more than 3 million in Taiwan. This single sport is ranked second in terms of national popularity. In recent years, badminton players have achieved outstanding performances in international competitions, gradually increasing the public attention.In terms of badminton skills and tactics analysis, our team has proposed a match shuttlecock recording format and developed a computer vision assisted quick shuttlecock labeling program to initiate the research of badminton big data. Although many computer-assisted techniques have been used, manual shuttlecock labeling still requires manpower and time, especially for technical data identification, which requires badminton experts to perform. Through this competition, we hope to invite machine learning, image processing, and sports science expertise to develop an automatic shuttlecock labeling model with a high recognition rate, making the massive badminton information collection possible, and thus popularizing the research and application of badminton tactics analysis.For any related inquiries, please contact: forum: 2023 AI CUP:教電腦、看羽球、AI CUP 實戰人工智慧This topic is not open for direct registration on the AIdea platform. Participants who wish to participate should register through the AI CUP registration system. If it is the first time for a participant to use the AI CUP registration system, please refer to the link for the AI CUP registration system process.After completing the registration, please fill out the pre-test questionnaire. ParticipantsRegistration is open to all students (e.g. high school students, college students, graduate students, etc.) and members of the general public.The competition is divided into student and public groups. The student group requires all team members to be students; if any member of the team is not a student, the team will be classified as the public group. Only student group teams will be included in the overall competition ranking.

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