Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Are the discount points of hicloud in the awards taxed?
Q:Why is the teamup invitation failed to send?

The person that you invite does not have an Aldea account. The person that you invite does not sign up for this topic.

Q:If I am offering a course related to AI and machine learning, and would like to adopt data from Aldea, how can I apply for it?

Welcome to apply for the service of “educational topics”, no extra fees needed! To apply for this service, please contact us by

Q:About the Aldea privacy statement

About the Aldea privacy statement, please refer to

Q:Terms of Use?

Effective Date:December 18, 2017 1. You warrant and agree that you will not use the Service to:  ● violate any law or regulation;  ● make available any content that is harmful, deceptive, threatening, harassing, defamatory, obscene or otherwise offensive to any person;  ● harm the security of your account or the account of any other person (i.e. allowing other person to log in to the Service via your account);  ● attempt to obtain other Service user’s passwords, accounts or other secured information by any means;  ● harm network security, or decrypt any password or security encryption code. 2. You acknowledge that all materials and information, including but not limited to text, graphics, data, articles, photos, images, illustrations and any information submitted by users, contained herein and relating to the Service (“Information”) is protect by applicable intellectual property laws. You may not copy, modify, translate, publish, broadcast, transmit, distribute, or execute any Information without our written permission. If you violates the above mentioned terms, we may terminate your right to the use or access the Service, and you will be liable for all damages we sustained. 3. You agree that we may collect, process and use any personal information that you provide or that will provided to us as follows:   ● Purpose and code:078 plan, project, control, evaluation and other research and evaluation management, 099 domestic and overseas interchange business, 101 national economic development business, 110 university and industry liaison system, industry-academic cooperation, 137 information and communication security and management, 152 advertisement or commercial behavior administration, 157 investigation, statistics and research analysis, 159 academic research, 172 other public sectors implement relevant business (including the non-departmental public body, government-sponsored foundation and other public legal person), 182 other consulting and consultant services.   ● Classification of the personal information collected:C001 type for identifying individuals, C003 type for identifying in government data, C038 occupation, C051 school records, C052 qualifications or technique.   ● Period of use:within time period of specific purpose.   ● Areas of use:worldwide.   ● Parties of use:Industrial Technology Research Institute (“ITRI”), other governmental authorities and non-public organizations in relation to relevant business with ITRI.   ● Ways of use:By internet, email, paper, fax or any other means within the purpose.   ● You may claim the following rights by sending a written notice to us ( ):inquiry, request for viewing, copying, supplementing, correcting, “stop collecting, processing or using”, deleting your personal information.   ● We will manage and maintain your personal information in accordance with relevant law and regulation.

Q:Who can take part in the competition? Any rules or restrictions?

In each topic, there might be different restrictions and rules for different identities. For topics that are opened to everyone, as long as you are a member of the platform, you are qualified to participate. For other topics, please refer to their rules and instructions. However, no awards will be given to employees (as well as interns and part-time workers) of ITRI. If the award has already been given, the prize will be revoked, the prize money as well as certificate will be asked to give back. For personnel relate to the company that provides the topic, the eligibilities will be determined by the regulations of the company.

Q:Does the solving method need to be open to the public? Who does the IPR (intellectual property rights) belong to?

The IPR of the solving method belongs to the problem solver, and does not need to be open to the public on the platform. We will give the best solvers a referral to the company that brings up the problem, which allows you to discuss further after the competition.

Q:Is registration necessary to download/upload data?

Yes, the user must log in to download data and upload the results.

Q:Is repetitive upload allowed?

The number limits are shown in the instructions of the topics. There is no restrictions for the content as long as the format complies with the regulations.

Q:Can uploaded files be deleted?

No, there are records on the platform that cannot be deleted.

Q:How do Public Leaderboard and Private Leaderboard work?

For different topics, we will take different proportions of tested data to calculate the score of Public Leaderboard and Private Leaderboard. As soon as the proportions of tested data is confirmed, the score calculation will be based on these tested data which are chosen. Before the topic of this topic ends, the analysis results which were uploaded by the user will be shown on Public Leaderboard. When the topic ends, the final score and ranking will be shown on Private Leaderboard.

Q:How to deal with functional problems of the system?

You can contact our system administrator through

Q:How to respond when having concerns about the content of the topic or data?

You can respond through or leave messages in the discussion forum.

Q:Can we participate in teams?

the system implements team based participation. If you are topic proivder, you can propose the request in planing phase. If you are solution prover, you can use the function following detail in the "Team up" tab.

Q:Can we publish essays based on the solving results?

Basically, the problem solver can publish essays to the public based on their solving approaches, yet the utilization of the data must be noted as the offerer requests, which are shown in the instructions of the topics.

Q:Who should I contact when having topics that I want to bring up on the platform?

You can contact our personnel through

Q:Some topics are only allowed for academic roles. What is the definition of academic roles?

Our definition of academic roles are those who conform to the following identities: ● Professors who are employed in national or private universities. ● Students studying in national or private universities with valid enrollment certification. ● Research personnel who are employed in Academia Sinica

Q:What will happen if the regulations of the platform are violated?

The user will be suspended if the regulations of the platform are violated, legal actions will be taken over serious violation. Members who have the following behavior will be suspended, during the period of suspension, members are not allowed to log in and take part in any activities.: ● Uploaded results are involved in plagiarism. ● Use false personal information to register or log in. ● Apply for many accounts in order to avoid inspections. ● Take part in any identity-restricted topics by using unqualified identities. ● Use or disseminate the topic-related data which is protected by IPR (intellectual property rights) improperly. ● Post harmful, deceptive, threatening, harassing, slanderous, obscene or other unpleasant comments on the discussion area. ● Allow others to log in by using the account ID and password of a member. The length of the suspension will be depend on the degree of seriousness of the circumstance, and the judgement can be challenged.

Q:How to use CLI (command line interface)?

Installation: pip install aidea Features: 1. Login: aidea login 2. List current topics: aidea topics list 3. List topic files: aidea topics files -t topic_id 4. Download topic files: aidea topics download -t topic_id 5. Upload result: aidea topics submit -t topic_id -f filename GitHub:

Last updated: 2020/11/23