Applicant Eligibility,

The first place 100,000 discount points of hicloud
The second place 50,000 discount points of hicloud
The third place 50,000 discount points of hicloud
Hicloud points can redeem service charge. After the discount, the price will be charged at 30% off based on the list price automatically.

Example of calculating points,
Use 50,000 points in highly effective GPU computing resource provided by hicloud. If G1-12C120G operates 24 hours a day, 50,000 points can be used for 25 days (50,000/1980=25.2525 ).

Specifications & Fees (include hard disk drive, without the data traffic),

Product name GPU vCPU vRAM(GB) Price per second (TWD) Daily discount (TWD)
G1-12C120G 1 12 120 0.023 1,980

*More specifications and services can be found in hicloud's official website:

Application Process,

1.Participate in the problem solving in Aldea and win a prize
2.Fill out the paper application form
3.Confirm the eligibility of the awardee
4.Audited and confirmed by hicloud
5.Activate the account of preferential program

Applicant Eligibility,

The AWS credit limit you can obtain varies from 30-75 USD, depending on the educational institution that you belong to.
If the educational institution you are affiliated with is the member of AWS Educate, the faculty and students can use 75 USD in AWS credits annually. If you are at non-member institutions, you can obtain 30 USD in AWS credits annually.

Check if you belong to the member institutions:

Further information can be found on AWS Educate:

Application Process,
Applicant Eligibility,

1-year free trial offered by Azure.
In the first month, Azure has offered 200 USD in credits for you to purchase the newest functions and products.

Application Process,