海洋廢棄物是全球關注的重大污染議題,科學研究顯示人造垃圾已經對生態、經濟造成重大且難以復原的影響。海洋廢棄物污染場域廣大,相較於一般空氣、水體或廢棄物污染,更不容易找出污染源與污染區域之間的直接關聯;人造固體廢棄物因外觀、尺寸、重量、材質之間具有高度差異,相對於重金屬或農藥等化學污染,目前無法用單一檢測儀器或程序測量。人造廢棄物的源頭減量才是最根本的治理辦法,但是改變源頭不易,且需較長的時間,因此做為末端補救的淨灘相當重要。海岸廢棄物快篩調查可在短時間內做大範圍的抽樣調查,並量化廢棄物,可作為測量的方法之一,供淨灘選址參考。快篩的抽樣方式為於海岸線每隔 10 公里取一測站,以臺灣本島 1,210 公里海岸線為母體,即有 121 個測站。本議題希望藉由測站資訊預測相近測站的資訊,以達到減少測站和人力。Reference[1] https://www.sow.org.tw/sites/sow/files/hai_an_fei_qi_wu_kuai_shai_diao_cha_zhi_yin_190802.pdf獎項第一名 hicloud 15 萬點優惠點數第二名 hicloud 10 萬點優惠點數第三名 hicloud 5 萬點優惠點數佳作 hicloud 5 萬點優惠點數 (數名,視最終結果決定)本獎項由中華電信提供備註1:hicloud 優惠點數可折抵服務費用,折抵完後自動開始依牌價7折計費備註2:中華電信保有資格審核、優惠內容修改與中止權利點數試算範例請參考:https://aidea-web.tw/computing

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ICIP Competition-Mosquito Breeding Site Hunting for Dengue Fever Control

Dengue fever is an acute infectious disease transmitted by mosquito. The peak time of dengue fever outbreak in Taiwan is usually at summertime. Mild clinical cases of dengue fever may present as symptoms such as fever, headaches, and myalgia while severe cases may have severe fluid leakage, hemorrhagic symptoms, shock, organ failure, coma and even death. The mortality rate can be as high as 20% or more if the patient does not receive proper treatment in time.To effectively prevent dengue fever outbreak, cleaning up the breeding sites of the mosquitos is essential. Possible breeding sites for mosquitos include all containers that hold stagnant water, such as bottles, basins, buckets, cans, cups, bowls, tires, plastic bags, and etc.Every year, the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control collaborate with local health department to examine the communities and to find uncleaned sites with those containers that may hold stagnant water, where may become mosquito breeding sites afterwards. However, the inspection takes tremendous manpower and time. This challenge provides labeled data for the various types of containers, and aims to build an object detection model for possible breeding sites. This way the inspectors can pinpoint the containers which hold stagnant water by digital camera images or live video, and thus improve the effectiveness of inspection and breeding site elimination.This competition is a grand challenge of IEEE ICIP 2019. In addition to participating in the competition, participants can also submit the results of the solution(challenge paper) to the conference.Prize Information1st place: 3000 USD2nd place: 2000 USD3rd place: 1000 USDAll prizes are subject to the corresponding tax deductions, according to the law.

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