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Making machines understand the meanings of human speech has always been a common goal for industries and the academia. The techniques of speech recognition has been studied for a few decades, and has kept gaining momentum as the innovation in artificial intelligence grew significantly. Will there be more breakthroughs in speech recognition of Mandarin Chinese? Come participate in this challenge and show that you are an expert in speech recognition of Mandarin Chinese!

The data set of this topic is selected from “artificial intelligent voice data” released by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). It contains four Classic Chinese Novels: Dream of the Red Chamber, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Journey to the West and Water Margin, as well as traffic reports by the Police Broadcasting Service (Pbs), the news broadcasted by National Education Radio, etc. There are 1,751 audio files in total and are divided into 8 categories, the participants should utilize speech recognition techniques to determine the category of each file.

Source of the materials: Artificial intelligent voice data


  1. Register
  2. Download data, Build model
  3. Upload result (a maximum of three times per day)
  4. Select result (please click the “result select tab” on the right side of the upload page, a maximum of three files can be selected)
  5. Awards announcement

Note: If no results are chosen before the upload deadline, the participant will be disqualified and will not be able to enter the final ranking stage.


First place: 150,000 discount points of hicloud
Second place: 100,000 discount points of hicloud
Third place: 50,000 discount points of hicloud
Honorable mention: 50,000 discount points of hicloud (multiple winners, depends on the final result)

* Awards were provided by Chunghwa Telecom


  1. Hicloud points can redeem service charge. After the discount, the price will be charged at 30% off based on the list price automatically.
  2. Chunghwa Telecom deserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions herein.
  3. The example of discount points calculation can be referred to https://aidea-web.tw/computing.

Activity time

The activity time will based on Taiwan Standard Time (UTC+8), and the schedule is as follows,

2020/01/15Registration begins
2020/04/15 23:59:59Upload deadline
2020/04/16Private Leaderboard score announcement
2020/04/16 ~ 04/22Model verification
2020/04/24Awards announcement

Evaluation Criteria

The system will process evaluations in batches regularly to calculate the scores. Evaluations are conducted by calculating the corresponding accuracy rate of the actual value. The following is the formula: $$ Accuracy \; = \; \frac{Number \; of \; correct \; predictions}{Number \; of \; total \; predictions} $$


  • The evaluation will be based on the final selected uploaded result. If no results are chosen before the upload deadline, the participant will be disqualified and will not be able to enter the final ranking stage. 
  • If multiple participants get the same evaluation scores, the time of uploading will determine the ranking.
  • The maximum number of uploading times is 3 times per day.
  • Using licensed external data sets is allowed. However, for equity, if external data sets are used, their instructions and references should be stated in the forum for references.
  • All the data, techniques and source codes are original work of participants or are used by permission complying with laws and regulations. If any third-party claims their intellectual property rights or other rights and interests are being violated, the participant will need to handle the disputes personally. If any participants violate intellectual property rights, they will be disqualified, and shall bear legal responsibilities.
  • All the achievements and their IPRs (intellectual property rights) belong to the participants, and the Copyright License Agreements, patent applications, technology transfer and equity distributions of them, should in accordance with the relevant Laws and Regulations.
    Except for the necessary use for scoring verification, this platform cannot keep and use the result for other uses.
  • This issue does not offer a team-up option, only one account per person is allowed and each person can only participate once. If any violations are found, people who are involved will be disqualified.
  • If there is cheating or fraud during the activity, such as exchanges and discussions between different accounts the team that cheats will be disqualified from the activity and the vacancy would be filled up by other teams in the ranking order.
  • After uploading, the answers of test data would be divided into two parts to calculate the score:
    • Before the deadline of the activity: The system refers to only a part of the test data to examine and calculate the score. The result will be posted on Public Leaderboard
      as reference for the final score and ranking. This data accounts for 75% of the entire test data.
    • After the deadline of the activity: The system refers to the remaining test data (25%) to examine and calculate the score. The result will be posted on Private Leaderboard as reference for the final score and ranking.
  • For those who have signed up for this competition, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the terms and regulations of this activity.
  • Competitors who violate relevant terms or regulations will be disqualified from the activity. If the award has been given, the prize will be revoked, and the participants will need to return the prize money as well as certificate.
  • Should there be disputes, the organizer reserves the right to make the final decision.