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Walsin Lihwa was founded in 1966, and it has been dedicated to the development and the manufacturing of copper wires, power and communication cables as well as specialty steel widely used in a range of infrastructure projects. The company  is not only the leading manufacture of cables and stainless steel in the Greater China region but also an top real estate developer across the Taiwan Strait.

Walsin Lihwa’s comprehensive product lines of communication and power wire and cable have long made the company the leader of the power and telecommunications markets in Greater China. The specialty steel business manufactures billets and slabs, wire rods, straight bars, seamless pipes and tubes, and is a leading supplier of stainless-steel long products with sales channels around the world. The real estate business also targets the business opportunities in Mainland China and Taiwan.


This topic is provided by Walsin Lihwa. Walsin Lihwa Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of communication cables and specialty steel in greater China area, dedicating in the development and manufacturing of copper wires, cables and specialty steel.

Nickel is one of the most important materials of stainless steel, which is massively used in diverse industries such as automobiles, remote communication, engineering construction, chemical engineering, food processing, aviation and aerospace industry. 

The price of nickel fluctuates wildly between US$ 13,000 to US$ 52,300 per ton. One of the key factors to control the manufacturing cost of stainless steel is to precisely predict the price of nickel.

Records such as multiple futures trading prices, industry articles and news related to the topic are provided to the participants, hoping that these data can help grasping the key of Nickel price forecasting.


First place: 100,000 discount points of hicloud

Second place: 50,000 discount points of hicloud

Third place: 50,000 discount points of hicloud

Honorable mention: 50,000 discount points of hicloud (multiple winners, depends on the final result)


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1. Hicloud points can redeem service charge. After the discount, the price will be charged at 30% off based on the list price automatically.

2. Chunghwa Telecom deserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions herein.


Activity time

This activity will begin at 12:00 AM Taiwan Standard Time (UTC+8) on 10/07/19 (DD/MM/YY), and the schedule is as follows.


Registration begins

Announce training set

System open for download, upload and results calculation


23:59:59 The deadline of registration


Announce the test set

System open for download, upload, and results calculation


Competition ends at 23:59:59, the function of uploading data to the test set will be closed

2019/10/22Announce scores and winners



Evaluation Criteria

The system will process evaluations in batches regularly to calculate the scores. Evaluations are conducted by calculating the Mean absolute percentage error, MAPE, of the predictive and actual result.

The formula is as follows.

$$ MAPE = \frac{100}{n} \; {\sum_{i=1}^{n}} \; { \biggr\lvert \frac{ y_i - \hat{y}_i }{y_i} \biggr\rvert } $$



  • The evaluation will be based on the final uploaded result If multiple participants get the same evaluation scores, the time of uploading will determine the ranking.
  • There is no limit on the number of uploading for the online ranking system.
  • When using external data sets, participants should avoid using future data as the basis of the prediction results, and must state source of data sets in the forum for references.
  • All the data, techniques and source codes are original work of participants or are used by permission complying with laws and regulations. If any third-party claims their intellectual property rights or other rights and interests are being violated, the participant will need to handle the disputes personally. If any participants violate intellectual property rights, they will be disqualified, and shall bear legal responsibilities.
  • All the achievements and their IPRs (intellectual property rights) belong to the participants, and the Copyright License Agreements, patent applications, technology transfer and equity distributions of them, should be in accordance with the relevant Laws and Regulations.
  • There should be no answer discussions between different accounts, or it will be considered as cheating.
  • If there is cheating or fraud during the activity, the participant that cheats will be disqualified from the activity and the vacancy would be filled up by other participants in the ranking order.
  • The score calculation would be divided into two parts:
    • Part one (before the registration deadline): The system only refers to the Ground Truth of historical data from 01/11/18(DD/MM/YY) to 30/11/18(DD/MM/YY) to examine and calculate the score. The results will be posted on Public Leaderboard.
    • Part two (after the upload deadline): The system will provide the Ground Truth as the test data which is collected during the competition.
    • After the deadline of the second-stage uploading, the system will examine and calculate the score referring to the Ground Truth collected after the uploading deadline as the reference for the final scoring and ranking.
  • For those who has signed up for this competition, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the terms and regulations of this activity.
  • Competitors who violate relevant terms or regulations will be disqualified from the activity. If the award has been given, the prize will be revoked, and the participants will need to return the prize money as well as certificate.
  • Should there be disputes, the organizers reserve the right to the final decision.