About the AIdea Artificial Intelligence Collaboration Platform

The AIdea Artificial Intelligence Collaboration Platform is supported by the Technology Development Program in the Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and developed and implemented by both Computational Intelligence Technology Center and the Industry, Science and Technology International Strategy Center (ISTI) in ITRI. The primary purpose, which will be achieved through the collaboration mechanism, is to provide the industrial topics and data, mediate the analyzing potential of industries and academia, rapidly establish complete solutions for the application, and create the industrial value of AI application through cooperation among industries, academia and research.

This platform focuses on Taiwan industrial topics; companies provide the practical data and domain knowledge while our team assists in clarifying the needs, drawing up topics, cleaning data, and providing privacy protection. Industries and academia participate in problem solving and develop algorithms or models according to the specialty of each field. The goal is to provide the most suitable solution, by enabling the problem raisers and problem solvers to find fitting partners faster through the platform, which is how we achieve industry AIize and industrializing AI.

The platform is open for registration and provides topic browsing and problem explanations. Problem solvers may download data to conduct the algorithms and models and then upload the results to the platform, where results will be validated and ranked. Finally, the best solution team will be referred to the problem-raising company and the two parties can continue to discuss authorization or further cooperation. AIdea also provides a forum where problem solvers may share and exchange ideas.

Basically, during the period of the platform’s problem solving, problem raisers have ownership of data and problem solvers have intellectual property rights regarding solution algorithms and models. This platform offers various collaboration mechanism, and for the specific regulations in terms of rights and obligations, please refer to the topic explanations, and also kindly abide by the related regulations for data use.

The AIdea Artificial Intelligence Collaboration Platform will gradually accumulate unique industrial topics, data and AI talent in Taiwan, and provide a collaboration space that compiles topic libraries, databases and talent pools. Through interdisciplinary cooperation, this platform will revitalize AI application in Taiwan. Interested scholars and experts are welcome to join the solution teams