Prediction of Milk yield of Taiwan Ranches

According to statistics, the expected revenue of global dairy is more than one hundred million US dollars[1], and in accordance with the data provided by DATA.COA[2], there are 557 dairy farms, 115,685 cows in Q2 2019, and that’s an average of 207 cows per farm. Date back to 2017, the annual report[3] showed that there were only 61,976 cows being bred and 419,342 tons of milk being produced. While digital transformation has became a trend, agriculture and cattle industry also start to embrace new technologies. Under the circumstance of downsizing, the average milk yield per cow in Taiwan has surpassed the average milk yield per cow in Australia, Germany and China...etc, and it is still increasing. The overall Taiwan dairy-strength are catching up the strength of the countries which have a highly developed dairy industry. (such as America and Israel… etc.)The goal of this issue is to predict the milk yield of Taiwan ranches in different regions by referring to the Dairy Herd Improvement, DHI dataset which is provided by Dairy Association Taiwan,R.O.C, hoping that these data can help grasping the key of milk yield forecasting, and thus benefits the dairy in Taiwan in the aspect of  Intellectual Management and pricing. AwardsThe first place 100,000 discount points of hicloudThe second place 50,000 discount points of hicloud The third place 50,000 discount points of hicloud honorable mention 50,000 discount points of hicloud (multiple winners, depends on the final result)Awards were provided by Chunghwa TelecomNote: 1.Hicloud points can redeem service charge. After the discount, the price will be charged at 30% off based on the list price automatically.2.Chunghwa Telecom deserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions herein.The example of calculating points can be referred to

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