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Deterioration Detection of Collections in National Museum of Taiwan Literature

The National Museum of Taiwan Literature (NMTL) is representative of museums housing collections of Taiwanese literature in terms of both quality and quantity. NMTL collects representative, important works and references in the history of Taiwanese literature. Examining and keeping a record of said collections on a regular basis enables NMTL staff to effectively keep track of their current status. NMTL has engaged in the task of examining and keeping a record of its collections for more than a decade and accumulated fruitful results. However, it is very time-consuming to examine the massive number of collections of over 110,000 works one by one in a manual manner. Consequently, this topic focuses on developing AI-based technologies for deterioration detection of collections . In the future, a database of deteriorated literary collections will be created. This database will not only help NMTL staff improve their efficiency in examining NMTL’s collections, but it will also support comparisons of the collections before and after exhibitions, while saving on manpower and time required for traditional photographing and examination techniques.Those engaging in the fields of data analysis and science are invited to attend this event to provide training-related AI models, so as to help detect positions and types of deterioration of literary collections via the provided image data. It is hoped that this event can benefit NMTL in examining its collections.

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