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Starting from a small shoe shine stall in 1952, A.S.O. has been steadily accompanying Taiwanese consumers for more than a few years with the philosophy of "Shine three times, shine three days", "Every stitch, every thread, every reality" and the consistent spirit of quality. A.S.O. has always insisted on "making the best shoes in Taiwan" and has been recognized by many users. For 68 years, the social environment has been changing, but the A.S.O Group's insistence and attention to products has not changed. We are going to bring Taiwan's shoemaking art to the world!
Today, A.S.O is still committed to "promoting the beauty of customers' feet and life" as its goal, and moving towards the all-round development of "health promotion", creating a full time healthy life circle in the new retail era, with the A.S.O health research team based on ITRI's patented technology, employing professional physiotherapists and professional medical A.S.O health research team, employs professional physiotherapists and professional medical system developers to launch the nation's first "dynamic foot pressure measurement" system and provide "professional foot health consulting services" to bring consumers the most professional, healthy and comfortable products and health care services, allowing customers to see a different A.S.O.


People take 8,000 steps on average every day. Our feet carry the weight of our body while we are walking, running and exercising. Accordingly, foot problems may cause body misalignments, and further affect our gait as well as body figure, which lead to foot pains and back pains eventually. A.S.O SHOES builds the first dynamic foot plantar pressure system and provides personal foot care strategy by combining the patented technologies of ITRI and professional diagnoses of Physical therapists.

In this topic, plantar pressure image dataset is provided. Each plantar pressure image includes 4 labeled points (2 points for right foot and 2 for left foot), participants shall build models and adopt machine learning to mark the labels automatically.


First place: USD$2,000 (tax inclusive)

Second place: USD$1,000 (tax inclusive)

Third place: USD$500 (tax inclusive)


Activity time

The time of this event is Indian Standard time (UTC+5.5). The agenda is as follows:

Time (YYYY/MM/DD)Events
2021/12/06Registration starts
2021/12/17Available for download
2022/01/03Online submission available
2022/03/18Online submission deadline
2022/03/19Private Leaderboard announcement
2022/03/25Reports submission deadline
2022/03/31Prize Winners announcement


Evaluation Criteria

Evaluations are conducted by calculating the Euclidean distance, which is the difference between prediction and the ground truth.

In this topic, participants need to predict the coordinates of two points. The score evaluation of each test image will be the sum of d1 and d2, while d1 and d2 are the Euclidean distances of the 1st point and the 2nd point respectively. 

The average of sums of all test images (d1+d2) will be calculated as the final score.




  • The evaluation will be based on the final uploaded result. If multiple participants got the same evaluation scores, the time of uploading would determine the ranking.
  • The maximum number of uploading times is 3 times per day.
  • Teaming up with others is allowed. One person can only have one account. Repeat participation is prohibited. Violators will be disqualified from participation upon verification.
  • Participating teams cannot partake in the same competition using multiple accounts. Violators will be disqualified from participation. If a member of a participating team uploads a file using his/her personal account, the team will be deemed to have participated in the competition using multiple accounts.
  • Each person can only register for a team. He/she cannot change to another team once he/she joins the team. However, up to five people are allowed to join the team.
  • When using external data sets, participants should avoid using future data as the basis of the prediction results, and must state source of data sets in the forum for references.
  • All the data, techniques and source codes are original work of participants or are used by permission complying with laws and regulations. If any third-party claims their intellectual property rights or other rights and interests are being violated, the participant will need to handle the disputes personally. If any participants violate intellectual property rights, they will be disqualified, and shall bear legal responsibilities.
  • All the achievements and their IPRs (intellectual property rights) belong to the participants, and the Copyright License Agreements, patent applications, technology transfer and equity distributions of them, should be in accordance with the relevant Laws and Regulations.
  • There should be no answer discussions between different accounts, or it will be considered as cheating.
  • If there is cheating or fraud during the activity, the participant that cheats will be disqualified from the activity and the vacancy would be filled up by other participants in the ranking order.
  • After uploading, the answers of test data would be divided into two parts to calculate the score,
    • a. Before the deadline of the activity:
      The system refers to partial answers of test data to examine and calculate the score. The result will be posted on Public Leaderboard. This data accounts for 40% of the entire test data.
    • b. After the deadline of the activity: The system refers to the remaining test data (60%) to examine and calculate the score. The result will be posted on Private Leaderboard as reference for the final score and ranking.
  • Should there be disputes, the organizers reserve the right to the final decision.