About The Team

This project is conducted by ITRI’s Computational Intelligence Technology Center and ITRI’s Industry, Science and Technology International Strategy Center.

The Computational Intelligence Technology Center

Facing the era of big data, ITRI established the first big data R&D center, the Computational Intelligence Technology Center (CITC), to bridge the big data technology across industries in Taiwan. CITC has played a vital role in Taiwan's artificial intelligence and big data development by leveraging ITRI’s various resources for the R&D of many cross-disciplinary technologies and domain knowledge. CITC is fully devoted to performing groundbreaking research and the development for transferring technology and supporting innovation in companies regarding the enhancement of industrial competitiveness and economic value.

Big data is the latest competitive advantage for businesses while the value of assets has shifted from tangible to intangible. Data is now woven into industries and functions across the global economy. The use of big data will become the basis of competition and growth for Taiwan’s businesses, especially in our manufacturing and service industries, where big data will enhance industries’ productivity and also create significant value for the global economy.

CITC was established for two missions. One is to develop the intelligent analytics technologies to boost Artificial Intelligence and big data core capabilities for local IT software companies. The other is to apply intelligent analytics to help the related industries enhance their productivity and create new business opportunities. CITC’s strategy is to integrate ITRI’s multidisciplinary resources into Taiwan’s advantageous industries. CITC cooperates with academies, industries and research organizations of international and local partners to enhance Taiwan’s technology development by interconnecting with SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile), IOT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligent), Open Source and Open Data.

The cross-disciplinary approach enables CITC’s core technology capabilities to provide intelligent analytics and machine learning algorithms that industries need. CITC develops an open and big data platform to create solutions that facilitate the innovative application for service design and business model for industries.

The Industry, Science and Technology International Strategy Center

With the phenomenon of globalization and the rise of newly industrialized countries, Taiwan’s industries face more intense competition internationally. Industries face structural transformation that turns them towards value-added industrial development from the original equipment manufacturing in the past.

Due to drastic changes in industrial economics, ITRI established the Industry, Science and Technology International Strategy Center (ISTI), combining ITRI’s strong R&D backing and visibility on the international stage and producing outstanding teams that are comprised of experienced industrial experts. The center’s power of knowledge will help to increase the country’s competitiveness and industries’ added value, thus becoming a crucial force in Taiwan’s industrial transformation.

ISTI’s main mission is to reinforce the research in industrial trends, and provide clients with expert knowledge and consulting services to create value and improve clients’ performance. ISTI is also dedicated to invigorating the development of Taiwan’s knowledge-based service industries, and hopes to play a key role in Asia Pacific industrial trends and policy research in the near future. Click the website for more information: IEKNet